Nutrition is at the heart of your life.

Nourish the Wellness.

Leaf-green-36Holistic nutrition consulting for women who are ready to

experience more of life.

Women's Health

Guidance to support your health and wellness through nutrition.

I work with women who want to age gracefully and take control of their lives to experience more ease and joy.

What's important to you?

Holistic Consulting

Nutrition, lifestyle coaching and individualized meal plans.

Specialized coaching that aims to balance hormones, support adrenals, regulate blood sugar and reduce stress.

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About Ellice

Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant

I am invested in supporting women in uncovering and understanding their unique needs, and finding their health and enjoyment in life.

My Inspiration

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Give yourself a week to experience the bold, delicious flavors of a gluten-free diet.

Side-effects may include: Luscious vitality, Super-charged energy, Joy and bliss!


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