Leaf-green-36About Ellice

I work with women who want to age gracefully,
who are feeling a little off, and who know
life could be better.

I have always loved food, who doesn’t?!

At an early age I was conscious of making healthy food choices. As a teenager and young woman I modified my diet based on information from the media and the latest health recommendations. As we all know there is a wealth of information out there about how to lose weight, gain energy, and eat the “healthiest” foods. This information often conflicts and changes rapidly leading to frustration and confusion. That’s what I was feeling. I thought I was doing what was best for my body but I was sick often. I suffered from chronic digestive issues, fatigue and headaches.

Eventually I was so sick of being sick I started a personal investigation. I saw a multitude of medical doctors and healers as well as embarked on my own research and study in hopes of uncovering the mysterious cause of my discomfort. I did every diet and cleanse I thought could help; parasite cleanse, candidia cleanse, wheat free and dairy free diets.

I always felt better initially but nothing gave me the lasting result of wellness, and the energy and vitality I wanted for engaging fully in my life.

Finally I found a naturopathic doctor who listened to my story and ran the right tests to get to the bottom of it all.

With a comprehensive allergy test we discovered a multitude of food allergies, some of the very foods I was eating everyday! It took almost a year for my body to repair, rebuild and find balance, but it did.

Wow, I was a new person!

I remember feeling shocked at the time that food was making me so sick. This is when I really began to understand bio-individuality; the idea that each person has a unique body and what it needs to feel vital and strong varies.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach.

With my re-gained health and an enthusiasm for life I took a full time corporate job at Google and joined the many Santa Cruz residents who commute to Silicon Valley. I was overjoyed to feel my increased energy to take on this new career. By year six I was sick again.

Exhaustion and digestive issues slowly returned. How could this be? I was eating all the right foods. This time the diagnosis was IBS and hormone imbalances. What caused this new development?

Yes, you guessed it… stress!

Enough was enough; in that moment I made a commitment to myself and my personal wellbeing and happiness, to honor my individual needs, preferences and daily rhythm.

I left my job with the determination to discover the best way for me to be healthy and find my personal wellness. Shortly after I discovered Bauman College and holistic nutrition. I immediately enrolled and embarked on my journey to deepening my understanding of our brilliant unique bodies and how food can either hinder or promote personal health and wellness.

For me, learning the specifics of how the body works-our cells, hormones, organs, digestion and chemical messengers has created both awe and appreciation, as well as a deep understanding of how to optimize personal health. As I age and the needs of my body change I continue my quest for knowledge to support my wellbeing.

This knowledge informs my choices everyday.

I feel energized and at peace, at last!
I’m excited to share this knowledge with you.

Together we can find your perfect recipe for wellness based on
your beautiful unique body.


How I can help you find YOUR perfect recipe