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Nutrition, Lifestyle Coaching & Customized Meal Plans

Through a process of deep listening, combined with the latest research in women’s health
and nutrition I will collaborate with each client to find the best plan
for their unique interests and goals.

Together we  will work to understand your body and I will create a customized plan to ensure
you are getting the best foods to meet your goals. Weekly one on one coaching will support you
on your journey to optimal health and vitality.

Specialized Meal Plans

Through our work together, I will:

  • Educate you about high quality whole foods
  • Create delicious, customized meal plans for your individual needs
  • Advise you on shopping, label reading, pantry basics, quick snacks
  • Help you organize, prep and plan with organic sustainable foods

I specialize in gluten free menus and can support specific diets for food allergies.

Holistic & Bio-individual consulting

Together, we will take a look at what your unique body needs, what it doesn’t want, and what makes it operate at its most optimized state to increase vitality, energy and overal well-being.

Lifestyle Planning

Once we get a better grasp of your individual needs, we are able to start mapping out a strategy. I’ll spend time with you either in person or on the phone or Skype, and together, we’ll uncover any concerns you have and your goals with regard to your health. When necessary, I will do customized research and provide you with strategies for reaching those goals using nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Together we will create a customized plan to ensure that you will meet your goals using your body’s unique profile. It’s not a one-size-fits all approach.

What you can expect

if you truly commit yourself to your holistic nutrition


Wellbeing & empowerment


Weight loss


Energy-Rich Vitality


Aging gracefully


Pain free


Congruency and alignment

Healthier options and greater awareness

I sought Ellice’s expertise because I was struggling with three medical conditions: celiac disease, high blood pressure and acid reflux. I was told that weight loss would help reduce my intake of reflux and blood pressure medication, which was a goal of mine. I have two children under the age of five and I work full-time. Finding a weight loss program that was long-lasting and met the complex and challenging needs of my personal conditions felt incredibly overwhelming. Ellice has been a transformative agent in getting my health in order. She has gently helped me notice signals in my body that I was previously unaware of. She was able to find the root of my habits and helped me replace them with healthier options and greater awareness. Ellice is patient, encouraging and intuitive in this process. I feel like I am giving a gift of nurturing to my body (as opposed to feeling deprivation) as a result of her work. I have lost weight, stopped taking all my medication and gained an incredible amount of knowledge about nutrition and, most importantly, my body. My family and I are eternally grateful to Ellice for her work in brining me to a long-lasting, healthy way of life.

Alli Kinnear

Maple Valley, WA


For us to have a quick chat where you can learn about how to optimize your nutrition, let’s schedule an informal skype chat, where we can get to know each other a see if we’re a great fit.

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Multiple sessions that will support you in regaining your health and energy. One on one coaching, whole foods education, meal planning, recipes and so much more!

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